Local Events

    1st-28th    Attingham Park Snow Drop Walks
    3rd-6th     Attingham Park winter mansion tours weekend
    10th-12th  Attingham Park winter mansion tours weekend
  • 11th         Reaseheath agricultural college at Nantwich.   A family fun day for dogs and their owners with stalls.
    17th-18th  Attingham Park winter mansion tours weekend
    17th-18th  Sunncroft (National Trust) snowdrop walks
    18th-26th  Hawkestone Follies Starwars Treasure hunt for children.
    18th-26th  Tatton Parks Scarecrow Festival
    19th         Dorothy Clive Gardens have a wild bird demonstration and a bird box making day.
    24th-26th  Attingham Park winter mansion tours weekend


    4th-5th     Reaseheath agricultural college.  Live lambing weekend and open zoo
    11th-12th  Reaseheath agricultural college. Live lambing weeeknd and open zoo
    25th-26th  Dorothy Clive Gardens. Mothers day afternoon tea
    26th        Foxwood  Railways cream tea special
  •  APRIL 
    1st-28th   Attingham Parks Bluebell walk9
    2nd         Weston Park. Spring walk
    2nd         Foxfield Railway  Heritage event
    3rd-24th  The British ironworks. Easter holidays activities
    7th          Shrewsbury plant and machinery sale
    8th-9th    Weston Park. Spring horse trials
    8th-9th    Attingham Park Easter egg hunt
    8th-17th   Hawkestone Follies  Easter egg trails
    9th          Shrewsbury at the Quarry.  Pet rescue family day
    9th          Whittingham Castle   Reinactment event
    9th          Foxwood Railway at Stoke. Vintage classic vehicles day
    9th         Wenlock Edge. Wild garlic walk
    11th-24th The British Ironworks (Oswestry) Scavenger hunt
    14th        Erdigg (National Trust) Easter egg hunt
    13th-17th Nantwich. Jazz and blues festival
    14th-17th Attingham Park Easter egg hunt
    14th-17th Benthall Hall (National Trust) Easter egg hunt
    14th-17th Biddulph Grange (National Trust) Easter egg hunt
    14th-18th Sunncroft (National Trust) Easter egg hunt
    14th-17th Tatton Park (National Trust)  Easter shopping fair
    16th        Dorothy Clive Gardens. Plant hunters fair
    16th        Cholmondeley Castle Easter egg hunt
    16th-17th Weston Park. Motorfest
    21st         Wollerton Gardens gardeners walks. Spring Interest
    22nd       Stafford    Classic bike show
    29th-30th Ironbridge. Walking festival
    29th       Oulton Park. British superbikes championships
    30th        Weston Park. Spring plant fair
    30th       The British Ironworks. Half marathon and family fun day
    30th        Whittingham Castle   Reinactment event
    31st        Stafford agricultural show

    • MAY
      1st          Oulton Park. British Superbikes championships
      1st          Stafford agricultural show
      1st          Weston Park. Plant hunters fair
      1st-27th   Shrewsbury   Cartoon festival
      6th         Llangollen. Fish and chip train
      7th         Weston Park Bluebell walk
      10th        Tatton park. national garden scheme day
      10th-12th Chester races may festival
      11th        Cholmondeley Castle. National garden scheme day
      12th        Wollerton Gardens. Gardeners walk. Structure of the garden
      12th-14th Whitchurch walking festival
      13th-14th Tatton Park. Cheshire county agricultural show
              The British ironworks. Plant hunters fair
      14th        Whittingham Castle Reinactment event
      Reaseheath Agricultural College. family festival with stalls and animals
      20th-21st Foxfield Railway       War wheels weekend
      20th-21st Whitchurch Food and drink festival
      21st        Cholmondeley Castle. Plant hunters fair
      25th-29th Audlem Village   Music and arts festival plus carnival day on the 29th
      27th       Llangollen. Cheese and wine train
      27th       Shropshire agricultural show
      30th Llangollen. Walking festival
      30th      Attingham Park. Deer park safari
  • JUNE
    2nd          Shrewsbury plant and machinery sale
    3rd-4th     Hodnet Hall Gardens. Plant hunter fair
    3rd-4th     Tatton Park. Classic cars and giant autojumble
    4th           Tatton Park. orchid show
    8th-9th     Wollerton gardens. Gardeners walk. The use of roses in a mixed border
    10th         The British Ironworks. wrexham symphony orchestra and firework display
    10th-11th  Hawkestone Follies. Medieval warfare
    11th         Hodnet Hall. National garden scheme day
    15th-18th  Bolesworth Castle. International showjumping and craft fair
    16th-18th  Llangollen. Festival of music and arts
    16th-18th  Weston Park. International model air show
    17th         Llangollen. Real ale train
    17th-18th  Tatton Park. Medieval fayre
    17th-18th  Arley Hall Gardens. Dog fest
    18th         The British Ironworks. The great race
    18th         Whittingham Castle   Reinactment event
    18th         Shrewsbury. Half maraton
    18th         Hankelow country fete
    20th-21st  Cheshire agricultural show
    24th         Cholmondeley Castle. Triathlon
    24th-25th  Tatton Park. Race for life
    24th-25th  Audlem Village  open gardens weekend
    24th-25th  Whittingham Castle   Reinactment event
    24th-25th  Arley hall and gardens.   The garden festival
    26th          Nantwich agricultural show and the countrys largest cheese show
    27th-28th  Tatton Park. Summer deer walk
    28th-30th  Bolesworth Castle. Carfest
    29th         Cholmondeley Castle. Horse trials

    • JULY
      1st           Tatton Park. adult tours of the mansion
      1st           Audlem Village. 1980 tribute acts in the park with fireworks
      1st-2nd     Tatton Park. American car show
      2nd          The British ironworks. Life after cancer celebrations
      2nd          Wollerton Gardens open day
      2nd          Hodnet Hall open day
      3rd-9th     Llangollen. International eisteddfed
      4th           Tatton Park. Summer deer walk
      6th-7th     Wollerton Gardens. Gardeners walk. summer flowers and shrubs
      8th-9th     Weston Park. Camper jam weekend
      9th          Wollerton Gardens open day
      9th          Shrewsburys Dragon boat festival
      9th          Hodnet Hall open day
      13th-14th Wollerton Gardens open day
      14th-16th  Tatton Park. Food festival
      14th-23rd  Llangollen. fringe festival
      15th         The British ironworks. Transport Rally
      15th-16th  Tatton Park. Rare breeds weekend.
      16th         Wollerton gardens open day
      16th         Hodnet Hall open day
      19th         Hodnet Hall open day
      19th-23rd  Tatton Park. RHS flower show
      20th-21     Wollerton Gardens open day
      22nd         Oulton Park. Tuner fest
      22nd-23rd  Llangollen    1960 weekend train rides
      23rd         Dorothy Clive Gardens. Family day for dogs and their owners
      23rd         Hodnet hall open day
      23rd         Ightfield Village      The Anthropoid story and church service and unvailing of the memorial stone
      27th-28th  Wollerton Gardens open day
      28th-30th  Dearnford Lakes international story telling and music festival
      29th         Audlem village marina  Historic boats gathering
      30th         The British ironworks. Plant hunters fair.-
      30th         Weston Park. Landscape management walk
      30th         Audlem Village. Festival of transport
      30th         Wollerton Gardens open day
      30th         Hodnet Hall open day
    3rd –4th    Wollerton  Gardens open days
    4th           Shrewsbury plant and machinery sale
    5th-6th      Llangollen. International bike festival
    6th           Tatton Park. Vw car show
    6th           Wollerton Gardens open day
    10th-11th   Wollerton gardens. gardeners walk. New world salvias
    10th-15th   Llangollen. day out with Thomas train rides
    11th-12th   Shrewsbury flower show
    12th          The British Ironworks. Kids festival
    12th-13th   Llangollen. Faeiry Festival
    13th          Wollerton Gardens open day
    17th-18th   Wollerton Gardens open days
    18th          Cholmondeley Castle. Pony club championships
    20th          Wollerton Gardens open day
    19th-20th   Tatton Park. Classic motor show
    19th-20th   Weston Park. V festival
  • 20th          The British ironworks. sheep dog trials
    24th-25th   Wollerton Gardens open days
    26th-28th   Tatton Park. Traditional country weekend
    26th-28th   Oswestry   Balloon festival
    27th          Llangollen. Sportsfest
    27th          Dorothy Clive Gardens. Plant hunters fair
    28th          Wollerton Gardens open day
    28th          Hodnet Hall open day

      1st           Wollerton Gardens open day
      3rd          Hodnet Hall open day

      8th          Wollerton Gardens open day
      9th           Tatton Park. Bear grylls survival race and festival
      9th-10th    Audlem overwater marina festival
      10th          Hodnet Hall open day
      10th          Grinsall dog rescue show
      10th          Whittingham Castle   Reinactment day
      15th-17th   Oulton Park. British superbikes championships
      15th          Wollerton Gardens open day
      16th-17th    Tatton Park. Harvest festival
      16th-17th   Weston Park. Midland game fair
      17th          Hodnet Hall open day
      18th          Tatton Park. Gardeners walk. salvias
      22nd         Wollerton Gardens open day
      23rd          Dorothy Clive Gardens. 6th annual chilli festival
      23rd-24th   Llangollen. British downhill series mountain bike race
      24th          The British Ironworks. Tug of war competition
      24th          Hodnet Hall gardens open day
      29th          Wollerton Gardens open day
      30th          Market Drayton    Ginger and spice food festival
      1st             Market Drayton  Ginger and spice food festival
      4th-11th      Tatton Park. Secrets of the japanese garden
      6th            Shrewsbury plant and machinery sale
      7th-8th       Dorothy Clive Gardens open weekend
      14th-15th    Dorothy Clive Gardens open weekend
      14th-15th    Llangollen. Food festival
      21st-22nd    Dorothy Clive Gardens open weekend
      27th           The British ironworks. Halloween spooktacular
      28th-29th    Tatton Park. Food and gift fair
      28th-29th    Dorothy Clive Gardens open weekend
      29th           Weston Park. autumn walk
      4th             Audlem Village   Bonfire and fireworks  with fun fair and stalls
      4th-5th        Tatton Park. Xmas gift fair
      4th-5th        Dorothy Clive Gardens open weekend
      11th-12th     Dorothy Clive Gardens open weekend
      11th-12th     Tatton Park. 10k maraton
      18th-19th     Dorothy Clive Gardens open weekend
      25th-26th     Dorothy Clive Gardens open weekend
      1st              Shrewsbury plant and machinery sale
      2nd             British ironworks wonderland ball
      2nd-3rd        Weston Park. Xmas food and craft fair
      2nd-3rd        Dorothy Clive Gardens open weekend
      9th-10th       Dorothy Clive Gardens open weekend
      16th-17th     Dorothy Clive Gardens open weekend
      17th             Weston park. Xmas ramble

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