The Frogs Retreat

    Luxury 6 seater hot tub

    Non-smoking and drinking

    This very relaxing hot tub has two built in incliners and so perfect for stretching out whilst the jets massage your whole body. The hot tub is situated in a very scenic room with large french doors which open out onto the views of the countryside.  There is also a shower and table and chairs for relaxing afterwards.


    Please note that we strongly advise that  children under the age of 10 not to use the hot tub as they could swallow the water and this will make them very ill due to the chemicals in the water. Children between the ages of 10 and 16 years old must be supervised and not to be left on their own whilst using the hot tub.


    The hot tub is tested before 11-30am every morning and if we have to add additional chlorine, this should be disolved before guests use this facility.

    Food and Drink

    Please do not eat or drink whilst using the hot tub as this will contaminate the water.


    We do not allow dogs inside the Frogs Retreat as they could cause a lot of damage to the shell by jumping up.  There is a dog gate which we use to go across the door way in to the room. Your dog will be able to see you and it will not stress and they will be under cover if it is a wet day.


    Please do not bring candles into this room as they will destroy the shell. This room has a quantity of coloured lights built into the ceiling and the hot tub also has colourful lights.

    Fake Tans

    Strictly no person to use the hot tub if they have a fake tan (lotions and creams etc) as this will contaminate the water and damage the pump and jets. There will be a £70 charge if we have to empty the hot tub, clean out all the jets, refill and then empty again to get rid of the tanning chemicals and then refill again and heat up.


    The Frogs Retreat room is open from 11-30am until 9pm.

    This gives us time to check the hot tub and to maintain it  and also the guests of Maggie will have access to the shower in this room up until 11-30am.


    We give the option of hiring the hot tub seperatley unlike many cottages who include it in with a high price.

    Friday-Friday   7 days   £95

    Fri-Mon  3 days  £55

    Mon-Thurs   4 days  £65

    Only people who are named on the booking form to use the hot tub due to our holiday policy insurance.

    Please bring your own towels for the hot tub and these can be dried in the laundry room.